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Uniform identifcation help

Guest John_Belcher

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Guest John_Belcher

My first post here so hope I am doing the right thing.

Can anyone identify the regiment that my great-grandfather, Ben Lewington, he was serving with from the cap badge.

The photo is dated November 1918

Many thanks for any help



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Here are 3 B Lewingtons off of the Online Medal Index Cards:

Online MIC's

Originally thought the cap badge may be Duke of Cornwalls Light Infantry, but a quick search on google kind of dispelled this theory. Search the images you will see what i mean!!

Hope this helps

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Cap Badge is of the Royal Guernsey Light Infantry

The 2nd {Reserve} Battalion remained in Guernsey,so it is not surprising there is no MiC [apparent] for him.

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Well what can we say Royal Guernsey Light Infantry it is.

Harry I am well impressed.


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Guest John_Belcher

Many thanks for the information Harry

That actually ties in with a distant memory of someone in the family saying that great-grandfather had served in the Channel Islands during the war.

Strange to think that he served in the RGLI when he was born and bred in Melksham, Wiltshire.


Thanks for the welcome and reply. I had looked at the MICs but as you noted there is not one for Ben Lewngton. Had thought it might be one of the Light Infantry regiments would never have thougt of the Royal Guernsey..

Many thanks again.


Edited to add- passed the details onto my father who said Ben had said he spent a lot of time in Alderney. Thanks again

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Well there you go!!


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  • 1 month later...

The photo is definately showing a cap badge of the Royal Guernsey Light Infantry, Interesting He is listed as

Reg. No. 7339 B LEWINGTON Entered the R.G.L.I. in Draft 5 (15th Reinforcement on or after 8th September 1918, with 47 other ranks). I do not know his rank ??? Its very possible he was transferred from another disbanded regiment during the war, quite a lot of this occurred, especially with the casualty rates...

Would be interested to know what other regiments he served in ??? He is show as from ENGLAND.

He did serve with the 1st (Service) Bn Royal Guernsey Light Infantry, but after they were decimated on 14th April 1918, The RGLI never went back in to the FRONT line after that date. If you have his medals it would be interesting to see what regiment is listed on them, as the Regiment shown on the medals is usually that of the 1ST Regiment he served with in France & Flanders.

He is listed in this book. (page 114)

Resource book: DIEX AIX:GOD HELP US

The Guernseymen who marched away 1914-1918 by Major Edwin Parks, Published by the Guernsey PRESS

Still in print.... approx cost £6.95 (Good ref: book)

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