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I'm probably just having a Victor Meldrew moment here B) but I've just read in the Observer Sport Monthly about sportsmen who served. I couldn't help but contrast the deeds of Archie Jackson (Olympic medallist, Rifle Brigade), Edgar Mobbs (Northampton Saints, England KIA 1917) and Walter Tull (Spurs & Northampton Town KIA 1918) with the self obsessed whining of one of today's "stars"- Gavin Henson in the same mag.

Who could picture the pampered elite of today's professional sportmen giving their all for their country? Beckham at the recruiting office <_< I think not!!

Maybe I'm being harsh and they would gladly swap £50000 a week for the "Queen's shilling".

Grumpy old man moment over :P

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They could follow the example of Pat Tillman, who walked away from a $3.6 million Football (no, not real football) contract to join the US army in Afghanistan... and was unfortunately killed by his own side (allegedly).

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You couldn't expect any of today's professional athletes to join up.

I doubt that most of them would get through any IQ test.

Apart from that, can you see them writhing around on the floor in No Mans Land complaining that the enemy had kicked them in the shin. And what's more they had messed up their hair do in the mud.

I remember Bobby Moore's wife saying, back in the late 60's how difficult it was for her and the family that he was away so much. Sometimes he didn't even get around to ringing the children in the evening. The interviewer was full of sympathy.

At the time I was serving with POLARIS and the men there got 20 words a week from their family and no reply. If the news was bad someone on shore made up a cheerful message and if there was no message they made one up as well.

Add to that 2 months under water...

They were privileged of course, not like the footballers.

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LUXURY! We had it tough! :P

Oh NO! Iv'e started a Monty Python sketch!! :D

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