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MJ Farrell. Ex-BVRC???


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Michael J Farrell...

I've attached a photo of a period clipping which tells you almost everything I know. The Bermuda Volunteer Rifle Corps (BVRC) raised two contingents, drafted to 1 Lincolns. The First Contingent was raised in 1914, trained through the Winter, and reached the front, by way of Canada, and Grimsby. The BVRC served at the Front under their own badge, attached to 1 Lincolns. Non-theless, their three-digit BVRC numbers were replaced with more complex Lincols ones. 888 Rfn. MJ Farrell was given the number 3/17118. His brother, Rfn. JW Farrell was given 3/17117.

A third brother, Sergeant Patrick J Farrell, went to 1 Lincolns with the BVRC's Second Contingent in 1916. He was killed in action in April, 1918. I'd be interested in knowing the cicumstances, but that's an aside...

The article posted below is a little blury. the hand-scrawled date shoud read, 19 October, 1918.

Actually, I'd be interested in any additional material on MJ Farrell, but I'm particularly looking for any information on his US service. What unit? What was his role/rank? Where was it posted? What actions did it take part in?

He isn't on the Island's roll of honour, and some Islanders who served in the (foreign) US services are, so I assume he survived the war, though whether he returned to the Island or not I've no clue.

Any light that anyone can shed, I'd be very grateful for.


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