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Hereford / cheshire officer mystery


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Hi all,

Firstly I would like to thank Major JN Hereford of the Herefordshire LI Museum and Mr. David Sweeney of Sunset Militaria for their great help in at least in part solving a bit of a mystery. I have been trying to research a Lieut in the Herefords, Frank Fuller MC. Lots of info in the LG but no sign in the national Archives or any where else I could find.

It would seem though that Frank from Romsey Essex moved to Canada and joined the militia then on 10th Nov 1914 enlisted for service with the Canadian 15th Infantry Regt. Serving in France and Flanders 12/2/15 to 15/6/16 and 23/11/16 to 17/4/18, at some point was gazetted into the Hereford regiment. By Oct 1917 he was a temp Capt with the Cheshires while commanding a company off and on until Feb 1918 (still gazetted as Herefords). He was made lieut in April 1918 and was gazetted an MC (as a 2nd lieut Act Captain) in June 1918. He was finally gazetted a Capt in Dec 1921 with the Herefords. So far so good.

However in the national archives he is neither listed with the Herefords or Cheshires but the Imperial Army. He is listed on the War services of officers of the army as 1st Bt Hereford Rgt and on the active list as serving as act. captain 10/3/18 to25/4/18 in the cheshires. It would appear that he was awarded his MC in this latter month with the Cheshires. Thus is not on the Herefords honor roll.

It seems likely therefore that this officer rose from the ranks into the Herefords never served with the battalion in Gallipoli or Palestine but spent his war largely with the Cheshire regiment.

Question to the Cheshire buffs; is there any mention of him in the war diaries?

Or any idea where I go from here?

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Not mentioned in the index to the Cheshire Regiment history, nor in the list of awards.

I suspect you're going to have to look at his service file @ Kew to resolve this.


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Thanks John for the information, I will try to get a resercher to get the info from Kew.

Has anyone any idea what is ment by "The Imperial Army" in relation to officer details in the National Archive?


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