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I have reason to believe that my great uncle who was based in Portsmouth was awarded the China Medal or some sort of medal.

I have his Naval records. Fred Byles signed on 9th April '90 for 12 years. 23 January 1905 to comp. He gave his birth as 1/3/1871 born Portsmouth.

P.I.C No. 244610.

Number on page. 154525.

He served on approx. 20 boats. Much of the lower report is too black to translate. His last known address was Fratton Rd. Portsmouth where he lived with his mother and his wife Emily Maud.

Or the medal could apply to my Grt-grandfather William Byles who was based in Portsmouth where he married his wife Ellen Lampen Griffiths. 26/10/1856 at St. Marys, Portsea. He served in the Royal Marine Artillery whic was originally in Southsea. He lived 5 Rudmore Place.

My mother who was born 1909 remembers attending one or the others funeral when she was a young girl. She claimed the Mayor and civic dignitaries attended.

I hope she was not confused about this. We, the family, would really love to know the truth about it all. SHOWERS

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It is very possible that he was awarded the China Medal as it was awarded in 1900 as a result of the Boxer Rebellion, and the recipiants included Naval personel.

You sound from your mail uncertail with the "or some sort of Medal" you could confirm by looking at crew lists and seeing if his Ship was in China at the time.

Happy hunting,


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I have reason to believe that my great uncle who  was  based in Portsmouth was awarded the China Medal or some sort of medal.

There have been three China War Medals issued:

i}The First China War;5/07/1840~29/08/1842

ii}The Second China War;1857~60,for which 6 Clasps were authorised:{A number of Medals went to RM so this could relate to your Ancestor.

iii}Third China War {Boxer Rebellion}10/06/1900~31/12/1900;for which 3 Clasps were authorised:"Taku Forts";"Defence Of Legations"; & "Relief Of Peking";{Again the RMA & RMLI took a substantial part in the operations

If you have the Service Sheet of your Great Uncle there should be an entry denoting Campaign Medals near the bottom,it may be abbreviated,the 3rd China War Medal would have been issued around 1902~5

These awards can be confirmed from the China War Medal Rolls @ the NAfor the RM

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Can you attach your great uncle's service record? That will help, because the ships that served in China usually have that battle honour. Unfortunately campaign medals are rarely recorded on the service register summaries now in ADM 188.

Have you found your great grand father's attestation papers? The are not online, but are probably at Kew in ADM 157. If he was still serving in 1884 then he will also have a service register entry in ADM 159. The indexes are in ADM 313. He might also have served in the Crimea or in other Victorian wars.

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