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marc leroux

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If you don't use Konfabulator, it's worth looking at. It is a cross platform application that lets you run small applications on your desktop.

I wrote my first widget, one that will display random names of a CEF soldier who died on this date on your desktop, updating it periodically.

This is an early release. It has been tested by a couple of people, but I'd like a bit more feedback before uploading to the konfabulator population in general.

Anyone willing to give it a try, or to find out more about Konfabulator can find the widget and description here.

There is one know problem:

1) The download on a PC requires that you change the name after downloading to remove the .zip extension.

Any other feedback would be appreciated.



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Never heard of a Konfabulator before, but I now have your widget running and it seems to be OK. I didnt delete the .Zip extension because I didnt find one to delete.



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Thanks, Geoff

I'd appreciate any feedback you might have.



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