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Crown and Anchor


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Could someone explain how C & A was played. I knwo there were earlier threads on this, but my computer will not open them. Just a concise overview would be fine. Thanks in advance.


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Crown & Anchor was played with three dice that are each marked with a spade, heart, club, diamond, crown and an anchor. It was once very popular with the Royal Navy and can still be found in the USA, India and Australia. The accompanying betting board was typically oilcloth with the same symbols printed, or painted on it. Players place their stake on any of the symbols on the board. If your symbol comes up on a die you get even odds - you lose nothing. If it comes up on of the 2 dice you get paid 2 to 1 odds. If it appears on all three dice you win 3 to 1 odds. Although the odds seem good to the uninitiated, the odds favor the banker by around 8%.

Play it and Two up most Anzac Days.....


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