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Some more old WW1/Great War pictures


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This is a link to pictures posted by different members of the Flickr photo website

This link is to the photopool of a group so can be updated at any time, there are a number of beautiful period pictures in here as well as relevant contemporary pictures... http://www.flickr.com/groups/greatwar/pool/

More pictures from Flickr from everyone...




This should be enough to keep some of you photo hunters busy for awhile.

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I suspect most of the folks who have posted the old pictures on there would be more than happy to share them outside the website and/or for historical research, etc...

I can certainly act as a contact (via my photo account on there), or it's free just to join even if you don't ever post pictures, which would allow ease of contact with individuals who have posted photos of interest.

There are piles of Old Photos being posted on the site all the time, far too many to count...

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