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As far as I know, not much has been written about the South Wales Bordersrs.

They are commemorated on the Dragon Memorial to the 38th Welsh Division,, overlooking the Hammerhead at Mametz.

I was very pleased therefore to come across a memorial to the SWB at Gheluvelt, in a small cul de sac near the church square, sharing the location with the 2nd Battalion of the Worcestershire Regiment.

I am not familiar with the history of the area, but I suspect the 2 regiments fought together in the 1914 battle in the area.



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Dear geoff501,

I really do appreciate the link you posted, concerning the late October 1914 fighting around the village of Gheluvelt, and involving both the Worcestershires and the South Wales Borderers..

This must have been one of the last actions of the pre-war regular army,

and was crucial to stopping the German's attempt to take Ypres, and in the 'race for the sea'.

The map shows that the two memorials were erected not many yards from the front line in October.

Thanks again.


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