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Renewing soldiers headstone


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Would anyone know if it is possible to renew a Soldiers Headstone in France,

I recently received an image of my great uncles Headstone and it clearly shown

due to is age and position it has become so worn as not being able to read he's name or

regimental crest.

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CWGC do not generally replace headstones upon request.

They inspect all headstones on a regular cycle and replace as necessary. Obviously damaged stones are replaced as they occur. It is a fact of life that not all headstones can be renewed the instant they become worn.

You can report a worn stone to the CWGC area office and they will check their maintenance schedules to see when replacement is slated (if at all).

Occasionally, as Paul says, they will agree that an isolated stone needs unscheduled replacement. However in their own cemeteries they have set plans for replacement etc and it is likely that the one mentioned above is already in a schedule.

Obviously, CWGC has to work to a set schedule for these things for logistical and economic reasons rather than careering around doing odd ones and twos here and there.

I suggest you email the France Area Office and ask when the stone is scheduled for replacement. As a relative, they will respond quickly.

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I agree with Terry, the one I had replaced is quite isolated, in Kentucky, and had not been inspected in quite a while; the one I had reengraved had an erroneous date of death.

Another I had replaced, with his and Hedley Malloch's help, was amazing, for 50 years at Boulougne East one man had had 2 headstones, another none.

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