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a badge or sumfink

andy 1

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hi pals

my wife and myself are going on a battlefield tour on the 3rd july 2006 with a well known tour company.

we will be visiting all the usual battlefield tourist spots around ypres and the somme.

what i was wondering is,does the forum have a badge or sumfink that i could wear to show that i'm a member of this wonderful forum so that i could be approached by other forum members or i could approach them.

i am a bit shy when trying to talk to people on these tours or in the areas we are visiting but i'm sure if i saw a gwf badge it would be a perfect ice breaker.



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Here you go, Andy.

Cut this out and wear it. It should catch people's eye !!



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It also has the added advantage of discouraging stray dogs and children


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Would you buy a used car from this man :D

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Is that a choice, can't make your mind up or don't know the difference?

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no disrespect lads but is there a badge or something to identify forum members.

There's intention of doing one: give a look to this thread

Though as you will see, there are many proposals and opinions over them, so it might take its time (I take the corresponding part of the blame, cant go beyond my three little blokes). Optionally, you could download the image that pleases you most, print it, and wear it as a home made pin (as far as the author agrees, that is)


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