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Another In From the Cold

Terry Denham

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MoD have recently approved the addition of the following man to the CWGC database.

Pte Bartley EVANS

1577 1/6Bn, Northumberland Fusiliers Age 21

Died 27.04.15 Missing in Action

His name is to be inscribed on the Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial shortly.

It is thanks to fellow Pal, Kate (Sandyford), that this man has got his due recognition at last as she did all the research work.

For those interested in how long these things take.... I submitted this case to CWGC for Kate on 06.10.04.

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Very well done to you both


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This is excellent news.

Pte Bartley Evans, who lost his life near to Mousetrap Farm - in the 6th Northumberland Fusiliers advance towards St. Julien in 2nd Ypres, will be commemorated on the Menin Gate, beside his comrades.

Terry - you are indeed a star!


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Great result, well done Kate and Terry.


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I would be very interested to hear what was actually involved, what you were trying to achieve, why he was not already recognised etc etc. So often the story is better to hear than the result. Can you share it?


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I'll let Kate relate what she was researching when she came across this missing name.

However, essentially, his name appeared as 'Missing in Action' in a war diary list and Kate was unable to find him in the CWGC list. This meant that possibly he actually survived, was recorded under a different name or was missing from the list.

As this man seemed to have died in service within the qualifying dates, there was no doubt over him qualifying for commemoration - if he had actually died.

Kate got his death certificate which confirmed the details given in the war diary. She passed her 'evidence' to me and I produced a submission for CWGC to pass to MoD.

After due process taking about a year MoD accepted him as a non-commemoration case. He had simply been left off their lists at the time due to clerical error. Such cases can take between three months and a few years - depending!

I don't quite understand what you mean by 'What were you trying to achieve'.

My optimistic intention is to get every qualifying person who has been inadvertantly missed from the official CWGC casualty role added so that they can receive their due commemoration. An impossible task but every addition is a small contribution to our remembrance of these men and women.

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Only last week in my local paper did we have story of a similar nature.

Rather then go into the details I will give the link then anyone who is intrested can read the full story.

Forgotten soldier is finally ‘laid to rest’


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The case you quote is quite different.

Here we are not talking about town/village memorials. There are tens of thousands of men missing from those for a variety of reasons. The names were added to those by ad hoc committees using different criteria.

The case mentioned here is of a man missing from the official casualty list held and maintained by CWGC. To have a name added to this official list by MoD (or dominion government) requires strict evidence and a number of hoops have to be jumped through. Oddly, some men missing from the official CWGC list CAN be found on village memorials!

Still, it is good to see that the locals have at last recognised your man.

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In this case Bartley Evans was found in an attempt to compile a database of all the soldiers in the 6th Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers.

Enter all the soldiers listed in the War Diary casualty lists at the end of each month. (6th Batt. has full casualty lists, including sick to hospital)

War Diary - Bartley Evans was listed as Missing 27/04/1915

Check name & number of soldiers who have died or are missing with Soldiers Died in the Great War.

Bartley Evans was listed with 27/04/1915 as date of death.

Check CWGC site.

No Bartley Evans was listed as commemorated anywhere.

Check as many varieties of spelling and number as possible on CWGC.

No Bartley Evans.

Terry Denham then checked in his registers. No Bartley Evans found.

Terry Denham needed proof that the soldier existed, was with the Northumberland Fusiliers and that he died.

Check St. Catherine's index for overseas deaths. Bartley Evans found & death certificate ordered.

Terry submitted documentation to CWGC :

Death Certificate showing matching name, number and date of death.

Scan of War Diary casualty listing.

Medal index card (in the case of Bartley Evans this was an incomplete card. (Last number missed off the filming)

All of this was not so straightforward and speedy as it sounds, because it took a while for me to realise that my database entries showed no burial/commemoration place for Pte Evans. Then even longer to look for him under different spellings/ numbers/dates etc.

It has been a year since Terry submitted the info. on behalf of Pte. Evans, but he has always advised me to be hopeful about this case.

Another soldier emerging as a result of the same procedure was acknowledged by MOD in just a few weeks.

Pte. Bartley Evans was missing with many of the 6th Batt., just 1 week after arriving overseas, near to Mousetrap Farm. His comrades who died or were missing on 26/27th April are commemorated on the Menin Gate.

I don't know why he was not commemorated but I know that the soldiers who were missing, or even who had been witnessed being killed, were not able to be retrieved.

Perhaps his name was somehow missed (although it is in Soldiers Died) and perhaps Bartley Evans had no living relative or sweetheart to persevere in enquiring about him.

Terry says that it will be a while until his name appears. I don't know the procedure but probably they have to wait until they are adding quite a few names.

At least, now, some of us on this forum will be able to think about him when we are at the Last Post ceremony.


Sorry I see that others have posted some of this information.

Edited by sandyford
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