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Remembered Today:

2nd Lieutenant Henry Webber.


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I have just received my MCC October newsletter with a referance to 2nd Lt. Henry Webber , 7th Battalion, South Lancashire Regiment.

Webber received his commission on 26th July 1915 aged 66 ( he lied about his age knocking off 10 years ). He died on 21st July 1916 aged 67 being maybe the oldest known battle death of WW1.

MCC note that Webber was a member from 1872 until 1913 but his membership had lapsed so could not be commemorated on the First World War Roll of Honour in the pavillion at Lords.

In addition to any other information on Webber it would be interesting to find out why he was no longer a member of MCC at the time of his death.He left nearly £8000 in his will so it would not be a lack of funds.His name is just crossed through with a handwritten note " by order of F.E.Lacey 7/1/14 " who was the Club Sectretary.This is most unusual and MCC have no other information.

He lived in Horley Surrey.

Thanks Pals for any new information.



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Henry Webber was a member of the Stock Exchange so a photo and obit appears in their Roll of Honour he was also a pupil at Tonbridge School and an obit is in their Roll of Honour. Neither mention why his membership with MCC lapsed.

If you are interested in the info from both the above Rolls let me know by email and I will send you copies.



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Evening Roland,and very interesting what you have found.

Heard of Mr Webber before,and,even stranger,i was talking to a mate of mine at work today about him.

Maybe he wasn't happy with the way things were being run,or wanted the game or the club to become professional.

He obviously offended something,or someone,big time,to be kicked out after 30 plus years as a member.

Will keep my eyes peeled on this one,and good hunting Sgt Hazell.

All the best.


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Thanks Simon.

Pam has sent through some interesting email with his obits.

He makes referance , in his last letter home , to the fact that as a " lowly " 2nd Lt. he would have to salute his 3 sons if he ever met them on the battlefield.He had 8 children with one son a Col. and two sons both Majors.

No referance to the MCC mystery yet.


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