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Two Unknown RN trade badges


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I have a couple of RN trade badges and I do not have a clue when they were worn or what they were issued for. I have had them for a couple of years now, but have not been able to find them in any reference books that I have access to :unsure: .

The first shows a 4 bladed Prop. with the letter 'E' below. This is red wool on blue.

The second is the same as the first but has a 6 pointed star above the prop and is Gold wire on blue.

I bought these badges in Dundee, in a junk shop. They came with a couple of Petty officers cap badges and a sweet heart badge to the RNAS or Fleet Air Arm.

Thanks for looking.


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These sound like Air Mechanic badges to me and probably WW2 or later.


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The red badges were/are for daily uniform and the gold for best uniform. The star is a trade qualification, you start with a plain badge, then one star and then two.


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Hi Stewart,

The badge is the rate of AIR FITTER (ENGINES).

The badge without star is for Ordinary or Able Seaman Air Fitter (Engines) & the star above the badge indicates he is a Leading Air Fitter (Engines)


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