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Is he a high ranking sergeant??

Guest bluetiger_grr

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Guest bluetiger_grr


can anyone help please. I have just purchased a family photo album which contains photos of WW1 soldiers belonging to the same family. There are photos of Father and son aswell as war wedding photos. Most photos are shown on horseback and in regiment group. I have very little to go on.. no names, but I believe I may be able to make a breakthrough with the help of one photo.

It contains a soldier from the 3rd L.M.B army service corps T&B.COL?? What stands out the most about this soldier is the uniform. He appears to be of a high rank??

Can anyone please tell me what status he would have been as there are other photos taken in group form and only 2 other soldiers on the photo have the same patterning at the cuffs..with the 3 buttons. And these are all situation bottom row, central to the rest of the group.

If anybody recognises the person.. and could put a name to the face it would be a great help. I know that he was from cornwall and had links with Clovelly. His son was also in the army..

Thankyou for reading this message.. jo


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