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HMS Leander


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Would anyone be able to provide details of HMS Leander's service between 1919 and 1920, or advise where I would be able to find this sort of information?

HMS LEANDER (1882) was depot ship (formerly cruiser) from 1904 and was Depot Ship, 20th DF at Immingham 6/18 until 3/19 and was at Devonport awaiting disposal from 12/1919 when she was paid off. She was sold in 1920.

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built by Robert Napier Govan,

Yard No 378


Launched: Saturday, 28 October 1882

Built: 1882

Ship Type: Cruiser Second Class

Owner History:

Royal Navy

Status: Scrapped - Plymouth 1922


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Leander was the depot ship for the 20th destroyer flotilla and was based at Immingham. Between March and November she was berthed at the Mineral Quay, occasionally putting to sea with the flotilla on manoevres. On 14th November 1919 she left Immingham for Devonport and was paid off on 16th December 1919.

My grandfather was PO Tel on Leander during this time, and I've just read this information in his diaries.

Hope this helps

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