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Cpl Blowen - Royal Engineers

Guest Jsrhed

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Hello everyone,

My Great Grandad has two regiment numbers on his MIC, He was a dispatch rider for the Royal Engineers according to my Nan, me being very ignorant can only hazard a guess that he was transferred to another regiment, is that so? I thought you kept your number through out though.

I would be very grateful if someone can put me straight on this matter.

Thank you.


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This one Jenny?

Medal card of Blowen, Reginald

Corps Regiment No Rank

Royal Engineers 2570 Corporal

Royal Engineers 492479 Corporal

He was a soldier in the Territorial Force Royal Engineers. Most of them had low numbers at the start of the war (usually with 4 digits) as each RE unit handed out its own numbers.

Later in the War these were renumbered to 6-digits (early in 1917). His new number falls with this range:

492001 494000 N Midland Div Sig Coy Stafford

This DSC was the Divisional Signal Company for 46th Division.

Provided that Corporal Blowen stayed in the same unit throughout the war, you can follow his war here:


In summary : 1915 - Loos; 1916 1st day of the Somme (very costly diversionary attack at Gommecourt at north end of battle); 1917 Hill 70 at Arras in August; 1918 Allied advance from August.

A despatch rider would definitely serve in a Divisional Signals Company.

Hope this helps,


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And coincidentally:

Just posted by Doug Lewis

46th Division - Remembering, 13/10/15 Hohenzollern Redoubt



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