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2nd Lt Algernon Victor Sheldon

Guest David V Sheldon

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Guest David V Sheldon

Hello all,

Am trying to research my Grandfathers history - official records are shown below - he first fought in South West Africa and later joined the RFC or RAF as it had already become by then - my Mother questions some of the dates which were given me by the Air Ministry ( especially the fact that it seems he met and married my Grandmother in 3 weeks ? she was from a very wealthy and strict Irish Catholic family and their eldest child was only born in December 1921 so no scandal it seems ) - family history has it that he was wounded in action in the ankle - hospitalised where he met my Grandmother - but according to these dates it seems all wrong.

Could anyone please advise on anything that may assist including the type of aircraft he would have flown, what Blandford means, Info on No 2 cadet Wing, Richmond Hospital etc etc

2nd Lt Algernon Victor Sheldon ( 184552)

DOB - 06 /03 / 1891


Embarked at Cape Town on HMT Argyleshire 24/09/1918 for England

Cadet Distribution Depot – 20/10/1918

No 2 Cadet Wing – 7/01/1919

Blandford – 13 /02/1919

Commissioned as 2nd Lt on 15/02/1919

Hospitalised – 4/03/1919 (SA Military Hospital in Richmond Park)

Married - 25/03/1919 to Elizabeth Lucy at St Marys Catholic Church, 8

Clapham Park Rd, Wandsworth, London

Sailed to SA in SS Edinburgh Castle - 29 /07/1919.

Relinquished Commission on 21/08/1919

Sailed to SA in SS Edinburgh Castle – 29 /07/1919.

Relinquished Commission on 21/08/1919


1914/15 Star

British War Medal

Victory Medal

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Welcome to the Forum David.

Doubtless our air-buffs will help with some of your questions. In the meantime, Blandford is a miltary camp in Dorset.

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As Kate said, welcome to the Forum.

This won't help you very much, but it might be better than nothing.

No 2 Cadet Wing was a Ground Training Unit based at Shorncliffe, along with Nos 1, 5, 6 and 8 Cadet Wings, and was part of the RAF's South Eastern Area.

There were two RAF units in Blandford: the RAF Depot, which came under the umbrella of the Ground Training Units, and the Records Office, a Technical Unit. Both were part of the RAF's South Western Area.

From his record, (and I'm happy to be corrected if I'm wrong) it looks like your Grandfather was undergoing pre-flying training at the time of the Armistice.



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