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1/9 (Glasgow) Highland Light Infantry


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The reason I asked was b/c I went to a HLI website that said they wore MacKenzie Trews, but I thought I had seen pics of kilted HLIs. Also anyone know the differnce between MacKenzie and MacKenzie (modern)?

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check some clan or tartan websites.

Most clans tartans have various design names.

Modern being one, Hunting and Dress being others. Hunting would be a darker design, Dress (for special occassions) would be brighter.

HLI Trews can easily be found second hand down Glasgows barras. Alternatively if you can, visit the excellent HLI Museum on Sauchiehall Street.

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The 1/6th HLI also wore the kilt. Here is a picture I lifted from a previous thread Kilts


In this thread Andrew Thornton gives a different tartan for the two battalions - 1/6th (City of Glasgow) and 1/9th (Glasgow Highlanders):

"although the majority of HLI battalions wore trousers in service dress and trews in full dress, the 6th Battalion and 9th (Glasgow Highlanders) Battalion did wear kilts. The 6th had Mackenzie Tartan, while the Glasgow Highlanders wore Government (or "Black Watch") Tartan."


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I understand that the Tyneside Scottish didnot wear kilts, but did their pipers wear kilts on the 1st July?

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some pics of the HLI. strange how some things have read state the HLI were the only regiment to wear trews. These pics are from the regimental site. and you can clearly see the kilts in the lower one.

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HLI were the Highland Hight Infantry prior to that they were called the Macleod Highlanders and it was in 1809 that they became a Light Infantry Regiment exchanging the kilt for trews. When the RSF and the HLI amalgamation happened in 1959 they got the best of all. Kilts for the Pipe Band and trews for the rest.

I remember the top picture as Jemappes Mons 1914 the original picture is with the 1st battalion of the Royal Highland Fusiliers.

The HLI were if I am right in recall the 71st and 74th and with them came so many dress codes it was scary!



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Guest John MacFarlane

The original Glasgow Highlander volunteer battalion, formed in 1868, was granted permission to wear a uniform that was very similar to that of the Royal Highlanders - thus Black Watch tartan, and kilts. Even when reorganised in 1880/81 when they became part of the Highland Light Infantry, the Glasgow Highlanders continued to wear their kilts, and this was despite the fact that the HLI regulars did not. When the Glasgow Highlanders became Territorials in 1908 they continued to wear kilts, and did so also throughout 4½ years of very active service on the Western Front between late 1914 and the end of the war.

This, and a great deal more about the Glasgow Highlanders can now be found in the newly published "Come On Highlanders!" by Alec Weir, Sutton Publishing.

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Just spotted this. The 9th HLI ( Glasgow Highlanders) wore Black Watch tartan. If you want the full story as to why please contact me.

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The 9th Bn HLI (Glasgow Highlanders) initially wore the same tartan as the Black Watch as Guest - John MacFarlane says - Their uniform was basically the same as Black Watch apart from small details such as the cap badge which read The Glasgow Highlanders on the top scrolls and 9th HLI on the bottom scrolls later badges had Highland Light Infantry on the bottom scrolls on the badge - The tartan was known as Government No 1 - they kept that tartan till around 1947 - During the first world war they raised three battalions - in the second world war they raised two battalions - after the war around 1947 I believe they changed the tartan to McKenzie - Government 5A - After the second world war the two battalions merged and were known as the 2nd Bn (Glasgow Highlanders) based at what is now known as Walcheren Barracks in Hotspur Street Glasgow - home now of 6 Scots The Royal Regiment of Scotland (The RRoS are kilted and wear No 1 Government Tartan) - 1967 saw a restructure of the TA and 2nd Bn Glasgow Highlanders were reduced to a Company and were HQ Company of the first Bn 52nd Lowland Volunteers and certainly at that time they wore the 5A McKenzie Tartan -


The rest of 52nd Lowland Volunteers were made up of Royal Scots (A Coy) - Royal Scots Fusiliers (B Coy) Kings Own Scottish Borderers (C Coy) - Cameronian (Scottish Rifles) (D Coy) - Highland Light Infantry (E Coy) and Glasgow Highlanders (HQ Coy) - these units were all battalions reduced to a company strength in 1967


Hope this helps


Raymond Bell

BW and GH Badges.JPG

GH 1877.JPG


GH SoldierShoulder.jpg

A Coy GH 1941.jpg

2 GH 1967.JPG


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