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Crew lists?


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Try the RN Submarine Museum in Gosport Hampshire.

Their website is easy to find and will provide a link to the archives.


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I am not sure of what time frame you are looking at regarding the E-14 but this deals with here last days. You probably have come across this link, but if not it may be of interest. It is a letter by an Australian submariner, Reuben Mitchell, who was on the E-14 when it was sunk in January 1918 near the mouth of the Dardanelles after its abortive mission to sink the Goeben.

Mitchell was originally a crewmember of the AE2 but missed her mission up the Dardanelles and into the Sea of Marmara on 25 April 1915 due to illness. He and other spare crew from the AE2 were dispersed among British subs, two other Australians being captured on Cochrane' boat E-7 on 4 September 1915.

Mitchell was given the DSM for his saving a wounded shipmate when the E-14 was sunk. Mitchell, who died inthe mid 1950s, had an interesting collection of photos from the war during his service on British boats, in the possession of his daughter, who I have met. Copies of some of the photos have been lodged with the Austraian War Memorial. A Turkish flag Mitchell "borrowed" during his time as a POW in Turkey, at San Stefano (now Yesilkoy in Istanbul near the international airport), has been loaned to the Australian sumbarine service historical collection.

The site with Mitchell's account, written just after his release from Turkey, is:




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