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Under the discharge column are the letters S Q. Would somebody be good enough to tell me what S Q means please. It looks like it says 'invalided pneumonia' next to it.


His last place of service was the Dolphin, which i believe from previous postings is a base rather than an actual ship.

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Can't tell - off the top of my head - but I presume if he was discharged from Dolphin with pneumonia, he would have spent time in the adjacent Haslar Hospital. Most ADM188s I've seen state either "Invallided (and date and debility)" or "Discharged Shore (and date)"

BTW: Dolphin was the then home base of the Submarine Service (although pedantically, at this time all shore bases needed a nominal vessel: Dolphin was an old depot ship from which the name of the base was taken. Also known as Fort Blockhouse, but Dolphin tended to be used on official records etc.).

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