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I have a letter dated 27.7.1917 in which a line reads

'Nixon is sec from ap. c. & in S. Africa - lucky beggar - it must be good fun fighting out there altho' there is much sickness.'

I think the Nixon was a RAMC officer and 'seconded' from something - what is ap. c. ??

What was going on in S. Africa at this time.

any suggestions gratefully received


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Can't sort the abbreviation, but from January 1917 many of the casualties from the campaign in German East Africa were evacuated to hospitals in South Africa, staffed (partly) by RAMC men. In addition, throughout 1917 & 1918 there was an intensive campaign to recruit Sth Africans into the RAF and each applicant needed an "official" army medical. Finally, it is estimated that around 750,000 troops passed via Cape Town in troop ships - and thus there was a need to have medical services.

Prior to 1917, only 5 RAMC hospitals, all in Cape area, were staffed - others were closed in late 1914 as almost all RAMC staff went to other theatres. However, big influx of staff in 1917. Cannot find any specific reference to your man. All data is from Off. Medical history, vol I.

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thank you aconnolly

I think 'my man' is Robert Nixon, grad MBChB Liverpool Univ 1917

Do you know which hospitals were involved

are they likely to have War Diaries - or any other records ?


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