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Shap Wells hotel


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A friend has just returned from a trip to Scotland. On the way back she stayed in the Shap Wells Hotel in Cumbria. Evidently it was used as a prison camp for Luftwaffe in WW2. Does anyone have any information as to wether it was used in WW1 also, perhaps as a hospital?

here is more information from their website:

Over the last 35 years, under the direction of the Metcalfe family, a continuous programme of expansion and refurbishment has transformed Shap Wells into a unique hotel. First time guests find it hard to believe that this beautiful, large, three star hotel in the middle of nowhere is still a family run establishment - but on your arrival it is impossible not to notice the unique friendliness, informal atmosphere and exceptional hospitality.

Shap Wells was opened in 1833 to serve the growing numbers of visitors coming to take the waters of the Shap Spa, located in the hotel's grounds. Under the ownership of the Earl of Lonsdale the hotel became a fashionable resort visited by many members of the aristocracy, the best known of these being HRH Princess Mary, Aunt of HM the Queen, who came with the Lonsdale Shooting Parties to the hotel in the 1920's and early 30's. During the second world war Shap Wells was requisitioned as a prisoner of war camp for senior Luftwaffe and German Naval Officers.

After a period of decline, the hotel was purchased in 1962 by the Metcalfe family who have built Shap Wells' reputation as an outstanding holiday and business centre; a bustling hotel, popular with both individuals and groups, amidst the calm of the Shap Fells.

Any info would be much appreciated.


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I've done a search Robbie, but there is no mention of it being a WW1 hospital. I've never heard of it as such. Most of the infromation is as you say, about the WW2 POW camp(including the story of two German Luftwaffe pilots absconding, stealing a plane from kingstown near Carlisle and flying up over the North Sea before realising they wouldn't make it, turning back and handing themselves in near Gt Yarmouth- result return to Shap Wells and 28 days Solitary). :huh:


(near bottom of page)

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Spike you're a champ. Thanks for this.


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