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1 June 1916


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This may be the dumb question of the year to some, but I haven't yet seen a correlation to explain this phenomenon.

In fine tuning my research on a TF RGA Brigade, I have run across dozens of Officer actions set to take effect on 1 June 1916. The LG dates are all over the map, but they refer back to this date, 1 June 1916, as the effective date of promotions, assignments, etc. The theatre was Salonika. What am I missing?

Mike Morrison

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Nobody knows? Here are some possibilities:

Maybe nothing happened (coincidence).

Perhaps the Fiscal Year starts 1 June and it was a money issue.

A build up for the Battle of the Somme?- consolidating personnel actions.

Something (or someone) new at the War Office's personnel command.

Odd alignment of the stars?

I'm just curious as I see that date in so many Officer actions in different theaters.

Come on guys! Will my curiousity remain unsatisfied? If anybody knows an answer (if there is one) they will be on this Forum!

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The despatches for27/9/14 -2/2/16 Camaroon, Gallipoli, Egypt Palestine were published 31st May, Lt Gen DobelL & Brig Gen Cunliffe.

(Note sure Salonika). Could this be what you mean re LG 1st June...?


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I'm sorry. In trying to be brief, I was obscure!

What I have seen are promotions, (2 Lt. to Lt. Lt. to Capt., Capt. to Major and acting ranks appointments, by the dozens, all effective 1 June 1916, even though the Gazette in which they are announced might be from June, July, August, September and even October and November. It just seemed odd that these Officer personnel actions all took effect on 1 June, many retroactively.

So do you think they could have been related to the release of those despatches? :huh:

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