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2 Generations Didn't Know Their Father


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Through genes reunited I 'm in touch through a 3rd party with a 2nd cousin I never knew about.

His Grandfather was my Gt Uncle Pvt Thomas Ridge Name 21507

2nd Northamptonshire Regt

DOW Barlin 1/6/16

Thomas had a son Harold Thomas he never met.

I discovered last night Harold Thomas died in WW2

Unit Text:Gunner 7/4 Maritime Regt.

Date of Death: 11/07/1942

Service No: 1531205

Grave/Memorial Reference: Panel 77, Column 3.


and his son ( my newly found 2nd cousin ) Thomas was never seen by his father either.

I suppose it wasn't that unusual makes you think though


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I suppose it wasn't that unusual makes you think though


It certainly does Jane. I wonder how many other families can recite the same sad experience. And what effect does it have on someone never to have known their father (or grandfather).


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Just updating my story have now been in direct contact with 2nd cousin Thomas Ridge

His father Harold Thomas Ridge was killed on SS Port Hunter - there is a website with details about the Convoy OS33 here


He hopes to visit his grandfather Thomas Ridge's grave at Barlin next year on the 90th Anniversary of his death.

Talking to Thomas makes me realise how lucky I am that both my grandfathers survived the Great War and my father survived WW2


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