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Hi All

Can anybody come up with a name for this quick thinking young man from the 4th or 5th Norfolks, and who died sometime between the 14th August and the end of the month, 1915. The 8th Hants operations report says this:

“At about 5 o’clock in the early morning of the 14th August, the Essex Brigade appeared advancing to the rear, and on sighting the 163rd Brigade immediately opened fire with machine guns. A signaller of the Norfolks, a boy of 18, saved the situation by standing up and signalling to the Essex, who immediately ceased fire. This signaller received no recognition for having done this, and was killed a few days later”. (WO/95/4325)

This young man needs to be identified if we can.


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I've had a quick look - there were a few from the Norfolks that got killed in a short space of time in Gallipoli. Many are age 20+, but one was 19 (no 18 year olds that I could see) - Albert Gooda. See below.


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