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Looking through the CD-ROM from the CWGC I am quite surprised to see that whilst for the men they list just about every detail you could need - place of birth, place of death, etc. for officers they list few details at all.

It's all very well if you are researching a particular name, but if you are doing as I am, researching place of birth, there is just a blank dead end.

Anyone know why?

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My guess is that it was a "class" thing


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These were contemporary official Government publications*,published purely as a Record of Sacrifice & not when published intended for Researchers & Collectors to use in their pursuits,That is a use that they have since been usurped for,albiet for the past 60 or so years!,& very useful they are too!;so we cannot complain that they are not comprehensive enough,there are plenty of other contemporary & modern sources of Officer Details,against far fewer for O/Rs. ;)

* The CD~Roms are basically just re~issues of that available printed information,they are not modern research tools per sae.

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