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I had a great uncle, James Allan 375465 who was a private with The Royal Scots 1/10 Battalion. It transpires that he was quite badly wounded by shrapnel during the war.

This is where my thinking comes in,

He married an Isabella Hunter who was a cook from Dunscore in Dunfries, Scotland in 1916. There is no special warrant for his marriage, so I am wondering if this was the cook at the hospital where he was convalesing after his injuries.

I know that he moved to Broxburn after the war and worked at the oil works there and later he moved to the States.

As we know the majority of service records for these guys were destroyed during the Blitz, how would I find out what hospital he would have been sent to in Dunfries?

any help is appreciated,


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The only way without service records to find that information is from local newspapers. They often gave the hospital in which they were being treated in the paragraph or two printed about soldiers being wounded.

Obviously, there were a limited number of hospitals in Dumfries to send him to, but I can't help with those...


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