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Pvt. Leonard Sheers, 1st Bn. CG

Guest TheSomme1916

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Guest TheSomme1916

Would appreciate any info regarding my uncle, Pvt. Leonard Sheers (15032), 14 Platoon, 4th Compy, 1st Bn. CG, killed on Sept. 15, 1916, aged 19, on first day of 3rd Phase of Battle of the Somme (also known as the Battle of Flers-Courcelette). I believe he was killed in the area of Delville Wood/Ginchy.

I'm trying to pinpoint the actual place. Tall order, I know, but I keep searching.

That day saw the first-ever use of tanks in war. Also, the first day all three battalions of CG (1st, 2nd & 3rd) fought alongside each other.

His name in inscribed on the memorial at Thiepval, indicating he has no known grave.

Was a Death Plaque issued in his name? If so, what number?

Would anyone know where I can get this info?

Thanks in advance


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Hi Nick, :)

Others on this site now more in depth about The Coldsream Guards and will no doubt help you out, but here is a brief outline:-

Attack towards Lesboeufs 15-9, assembled south-east of Ginchy/Lesbeoufs road. On left of Brigade advanced in line with 2nd Coldstream Guards to left and 3rd Coldstream Guards to left of 2nd [ all three Coldstream Guards battalions going forward together]. Hard fighting crossing 2 forward lines- the enemy, according to Lieutenant-Colonel Sir John Ross of Blandensburg's Coldsream History, defending these with great bravery to the last man. Commanding Officer Lieutenant- Colonel Hon. G.V. Baring was killed.

Relieved and to Citadel Camp 16-9. Casualties:- 360.

He certainly would have been issued with a Death Plaque but I don't think there is anyway of knowing what number.

I don't think that that is an issue though, as I can only find one Leonard Sheers who died in the war, so his Death Plaque is unique. Unfortunately it may have been lost over the years, but even if it wasn't the chances of it turning up are slim. Do you have his medals ?

Hope this is of help.



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Welcome to the forum

The fact that he is commemorated rather than buried means that you cant really determine the exact place. I tend to find that if you have a soldier killed on a day with only a handful of casualties you can tie the place down quite well.

It was a bad day for the Cold Gds - hundreds killed...

Pretty sure the number indicates a 15 star trio - will check the roll later - can email a copy if you like. Send me a private message

Can i ask how you know the squad details so accuratly?


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to france 3/10/15 (page b134) and therefore due a 15 star trio


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