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Hi Pals,

I'm hoping there's a Bulwark boffin out there that can help. I'm trying (and nearly there!!!) to complete the local church memorial, several names have cropped up where I can't find a thing, but this particular chap was Frederick WARE.

I've done a search for previous threads, but they talk about the ship and the explosion, not the men.

I'm assuming he was navy as he doesn't show up on SDGW but there is a Frederick ware on CWGC that has no age/next of kin info. This chap was on HMS Bulwark at the time of the infamous explosion and I'm assuming navy 'cause of Bristol's connection with the sea - ruling out the Glosters et al.

My hope is that someone has not just a list of the names - that's too easy - but more info the men themselves, i.e. where they were from etc., the sort of info that would normally be shown on CWGC or through indepth research.

The surname Ware is fairly common in this part of town - several families all related, but this is the only Ware I can't find. I'm hoping to get this list of 40+ names completed before 11 November, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Help please?!?!


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Have you tried NA online Registers of Seamen's Services?

Some Frederick Ware's there.


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Never dawned on me to try that section of the NA - tracing sailors is something fairly new to me as the men I look for are soldiers.

(hmmm, looking for sailors - that could get me a bad name :lol: )



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