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British Brodie helmet

Guest heiland laddie

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Guest heiland laddie

Hello everyone

Many years ago when I lived in Scotland (about 1975), I was browsing in a militaria shop in Edinburgh. The shopowner's main interest was WW2 Nazi regalia (real not repro), but he had various other items of other countries from WW2 etc. He also had items in which he had no real interest but would sell anyway. My eyes almost popped when I saw a WW1 British steel helmet. It had a rough dark, khaki brown finish and was complete with leather chinstrap and all correct interior detail, fixed through the crown with a little rivet. It was in very good original condition. Trying to act bored, I said "how much for this tin hat ?" (as my heart was beating). The dealer said £8. I was overjoyed but stayed cool. Outside the shop afterward, I was all smiles. To me, this was a great prize, but to him it was nothing - he loved his Nazi stuff.

Anyway, the only markings on the helmet were 2 groups of 3 horizontal blue stripes, one group on each side of the helmet. I've tried to find out what unit this may have been. I thought it may have been from the 51st Highland Div, who wore stripes on their helmets and on their shoulders, but photos showed their helmet stripes were vertical, not horizontal. I also wondered if it was the 52nd Lowland Div, as they wore a stripes system too.

Any ideas ?


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Hi Lachlan

I'm assuming that you're assuming it's a Scottish unit becuse of where it turned up. Possible, but it may be more complicated than that as a horizontal bars scheme is used elsewhere.

However and in the particular, 52nd isn't incredible as the 1/7th HLI had three horizontal yellow bars. I've also seen a picture of the 10th A&SH (9th Div) with three horizontal bars on sleeve that could have been blue.

Best wishes,


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