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Info sought on Offrs/SNCO's & Junior Ranks messes!


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Hi Gang!

Bit of a strange request, but does any member have info on, or indeed - photies of the interiors of typical 1stWW Officers messes and accomodation, WO's & SNCO's messes & accomodation, and also the Junior Ranks messes (cookhouse/Regimental Institute) & accomodation please?

Reason i ask, is that i am doing some research into what they would have looked like inside (including the latrines/toilet block/wash rooms), and am trying to get info on what they were actually like - including decor! I have only come across one photie which shows an RFC Sjt propping up the bar in his mess, and looks like a typical 1920's pub!!

I may have a chance to help with the authentic restoration of a former RFC site which is still relatively intact, and would like to start the ball rolling. Can anyone help??


p.s. below is the interior photie of the RFC sjt's mess!


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That pose worries me......

Seriously, though, I believe English Heritage produced a book about Barracks, etc, a few years ago; if so, that might be worth tracking down.

In addition, places like Fort Nelson (near Fareham) have reconstructions of barracks, so well worth a visit to see them.

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