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Good research items for little outlay


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I just wanted to add that even in the day of rising medal prices the odd gem can be uncovered for little outlay. In the past 2 weeks I have spent a grand total of £ 22.48 on two victory medals. One came with medal roll and MIC but no more and the other came with nowt. Both to members of the RFA and Terriers to boot - and thus easier to research without visiting PRO.

Why do I bother mentioning this, you may ask and why buy singleton Vics - well these two, often maligned singletons to "Corps", were both issued to MM winners. Not a bad little investment and lots of fun research available.

Just goes to show that you never know what may turn up - well to be perfectly honest I had ascertained the MM to each man fairly early on and was the only bidder on both !

Keep hunting - your pot of treasure may be just round the corner - if not then maybe on the next page of Ebay !!!!

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you got a bargain - would imagibe the MMs where harder to win than buy :P


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