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If anyone can help me with this they will have my undying gratitude!

I am looking for the page numbers for a chapter in H. Cecil and P. H. Liddle (Eds), At the Eleventh Hour: Reflections, Hopes And Anxieties At The Closing Of The Great War, 1918 (Barnsley, 1998). It is the chapter on 'Britons on the Home Front' by Peter Liddle.

Literally all the information I need is the page number this chapter begins on and the number of the page on which it ends... I suppose it serves me right for not making a note of it at the time... sigh

(fingers, toes etc crossed...)

a hopeful Swizz

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People on this forum seem to be able to produce everything, and at very short notice.

What a really helpful link!

I hope it was in time to save Swizz.

Kate :)

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I should explain - I'm doing out the references for my PhD (there are several hundred) but there were a few gaps. Most of these I was able to get myself, but this particular one came out of a book I got on Interlibrary Loan and won't be able to get hold of again before I print the thesis on Monday. Hence the time limit on the information!

This is brilliant and the website looks like a really useful one.

thanks again



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I guessed as much. You are welcome and good luck with the thesis.


Clive Maier

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