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Frank Albert Palmer


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My grandfather received the Silver War Badge Nov 1919.

Was their any other reason for receiving the badge apart from wounds or sickness as this seemed very late in the day? The reasons for discharge are recorded as "Para. 392 (xvi) K.R's", what does this mean?

I also noticed that his rank had changed from Gunner to L/Bombadier on this roll, was it common to move up a rank on discharge or could this just be a mistake on the roll?


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There is nothing unusual about such a discharge date,men who had been wounded or were suffering from illnesses contracted on active Service,would not have been discharged until their treatment & hospitalization as serving soldiers had ended,they were basically discharged when they had had "done" all that could be done, The KR[xvi]{No Longer Fit for Military Duties;Through Wounds Or Sickness} Reference is the King's Regulation they were discharged under a [Long]list of these can be found by searching Grandads War ~ Information From Medal Index Cards SWBs,by clicking on on the "Long Long Trail" @ the head of this forum

His being discharged as Bombardier simply means that though his highest Rank for Overseas Service was just "Gunner"[presumably on his Index Card] he was a Bombardier on Discharge,in the UK.

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