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Harold Maker - DOW 21.4.1917

Martin Felstead

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I would say yes. he did serve elsewhere before hand. Since he died after 1.3.1917 he would have had a 6-digit number if he was signed up under Territorial enlistment terms.

17537 seems more like a New Army number than a TF number which were mostly well under 10000, though I cannot speak for the Ox & Bucks specifically.

The date of entry seems rather like a New Army time as well.

Then again, one can never be sure.

Just my tuppence worth.


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Thanks Steve.

He was returned to UK with Trench foot around Dec 1916, and I have correspondence referring to him in 3rd Res Bn Ox&Bucks at Fort Widley, Cosham in June 1916. Next thing I know for sure is that he was going out to 1/4 Bn in Feb 1917.

I have several photos of him all with Ox&BucksLI cap badge, so I believe all his service was with that Regiment.

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Should have said before...

The Medals Rolls at the National Archives at Kew are more than likely to give you the definitive answer to your question without the need for any more guessing.

Since the MIC only states O&B then he would have been in one of the other battalions of the Regiment.

There is also a 30% chance that his service records have survived.


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