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Mametz Wood


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Did the Welch division attack Mametz wood from the same position as the dragon is facing i.e If i was stood with my back to the front of the memorial looking towards the wood is that where they would have advanced from?

Driving down to the memorial with Flat Iron copse on my right I noticed that the banking on my left towards the memorial was higher ground, What was the track known as, Was it British held. I suppose the first part of my question may answer this.



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Quite simply, the dragon faces the way the Welsh did when they attacked the wood.


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Swansea Bn csame out of White Trench close to the Hammerhead; clearly visible on the trench maps.


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where would soldiers that were wounded in the attack on Mametz Wood be taken to?

Casualty Clearing Station number??? Hospital???

I look forward to more information.

thanks for the help!


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Not sure about CCS but there was an Advanced Dressing Station at Minden Post, and a casulaty holding area was located at the Triangle. The 130th Field Ambulance was involved in getting the Welsh soldiers treated. I think this had been a pre-war St John Ambulance Brigade which had volunteeered more or less en masse.

130th Field Ambulance records that between 9pm on 9 July and 6am on 10th 39 cases came in. By noon another 74 were in. From noon to 9pm on the 10th anther 350 were dealt with. Many more were probably lying in the fields/wood and awaiting collection.


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