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RGA unit info sought


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Would anyone who has a copy of WO95/5494 or has any other info on the following RGA units please tell me more about their warservice?

17 Company RGA

18 Company RGA

83 Company RGA

22 Heavy Battery RGA

and possibly

22 Heavy Artillery (Brigade? Group?) RGA.

Thanks in advance.

PS: Why is is that every time I try to obtain WO95/5494 at the NA, it is in use?

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Probably not what you want, but every little bit helps.

No.17 Coy,R.G.A. formed 1/1/1902 by the redesignation of No.28 Coy, R.G.A., Western Division.

Serving on Alderney, Channel Islands in 1913.

14/12/1914 No.17 Coy,R.G.A. ordered to re-arm with 6inch Howitzers and train for siege work.

1/2/1915 Redesignated 17th(Siege)Coy,R.G.A.

1/4/1915 Redesignated 17th(Siege)Bty,R.G.A.

November 1918 serving in 71st(Howitzer)Bde,R.G.A., Fourth Army, which consisted of the following units;-

9th(Siege)Bty,R.G.A. - 4x 6inch Howitzers.

17th(Siege)Bty,R.G.A. - 6x 6inch Howitzers.

332nd(Siege)Bty,R.G.A. - 6x 6inch Howitzers.

126th(Siege)Bty,R.G.A. - 6x 8inch Howitzers.

17/6/1919 Disbanded at Gosport.

11/9/1919 Considered reformed as 46th Bty,R.G.A. at Newtownards from personnel in 47th(Siege)Bty,R.G.A.

No.18 Coy,R.G.A. formed 1/1/1902 by redesignation of No.29 Coy, R.G.A., Western Division.

Serving in Sheerness in 1913.

October 1918 serving in the Thames & Medway Garrison and was absorbed into 12(Kent & Sussex) Fire Command with No.19 & No.22 Coy's, R.G.A.: Considered absorbed into No.2 Coy.

No.83 Coy,R.G.A formed 1/1/1902 by redesignation of No.21 Coy, R.G.A., Western Division.

Serving in Hong Kong in 1913.

1/5/1920 Absorbed No.85 Coy, R.G.A. in Hong Kong.

1/6/1924 Redesignated 13th(Heavy)Bty,R.A.

22nd(Heavy)Bty,R.G.A. was formed at Woolwich 13/9/1914.

24/11/1916 22nd(Heavy)Bty,R.G.A. & 126th(Heavy)Bty,R.G.A. absorbed sections of 197th(Heavy)Bty,R.G.A.

November 1918 serving in 13th(Mobile)Bde,R.G.A., Third Army which consisted of;-

22nd(Heavy)Bty,R.G.A. - 6x 60pdr guns.

1/2nd(London)Heavy Bty,R.G.A. - 6x 60pdr guns.

201st(Siege)Bty,R.G.A. - 4x 6inch Howitzers.

379th(Siege)Bty,R.G.A. - 4x 6inch Howitzers.

In Novemeber 1918 22nd(Howitzer)Bde,R.G.A., Third Army consisted of the following units;-

182nd(Siege)Bty,R.G.A. - 6x 6inch Howitzers.

253rd(Siege)Bty,R.G.A. - 6x 6inch Howitzers.

287th(Siege)Bty,R.G.A. - 6x 6inch Howitzers.

265th(Siege)Bty,R.G.A. - 6x 9.2inch Howitzers.

Hopefully someone else can fill the important gaps in for you.


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As Graham indicated 17th Company, RGA at Sheerness formed 17th Siege Battery, RGA. This battery went to the Dardanelles on 11 Jul 15 with 24th Heavy Artillery Group (HAG). On 22 Jan 16 it moved to Egypt and served on the Suez Canal Defences. It moved to the Western Front with 24th HAG on 8 Apr 16, arriving there on 15 Apr 16. It joined the Northern HAG of X Corps on 17 Apr 16. It transferred to 25 HAG on 24 Apr 16; to 40 HAG on 17 Jun 16, to 64 HAG on 9 Jul 17; to 43 HAG on 2 Sep 17; to 90 HAG on 26 Sep 17; to 7 HAG on 9 Oct 17; to 39 Hag on 29 Oct 17; to 54 HAG on 14 Nov 17; to 58 HAG on 22 Nov 17. On 8 Dec 17 it transferred to 71st Brigade, RGA on 8 Dec 17.

18th Company, RGA served with the Thames and Medway Garrison.

83rd Company, RGA served in Hong Kong during the war.

22 Heavy Battery, RGA formed at Woolwich on 13 Sep 14. It went out to the Western Front on 31 Aug 1915. It joined 22 Heavy Artillery Brigade on 5 Sep 15; it transferred to 44 HAG on 6 Sep 16; to 27 HAG on 19 Mar 17; and to 13 HAG on 12 Sep 17.

22 Heavy Artillery Brigade, RGA was formed at Charlton Park on 22 Jun 15 and was composed of 19th (joined 14 Jun 15 and 22nd (joined 5 Aug 15) Heavy Batteries. It embarked at Southampton on 22 Jun 15 (21 Heavy Bty joined on that date). On 14 Sep 15, 23 Heavy Battery, RGA joined.

Regards. Dick

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