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16th Battalion Royal Welsh Fusiliers


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the Baines family has lived since the 1860s in Antwerp, Belgium.

At the outbreak of WW1, Eugene, Charles and Sydney (my great-grandfather) left for the UK where they signed up.

* Sydney entered “B Company”, 16th Battalion, Royal Welsh Fusiliers (later "J"Army Corps, Signals Company, Royal Engineers)

* Eugene signed up in the Royal Welsh Fusiliers (later Machine Gun Company)

* Thomas signed up in the East Surrey Regiment (later Royal Engineers).

I am currently researching Sydney's WW1 "career" and welcome any information people might have.

I have the MICs of all three of them.

thanks for all.


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I have finally been able to scan some pictures in so here goes.

The first one is Sydney Baines and Eugene Baines "posing" with their Platoon Section? whilst undergoing training.

The note on the back of this picture says "16 R.W.F. B. Comp. - Somewhere in Wales".

Any additional information would be much appreciated.



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The second picture is of Sydney Baines (first from right when looking at picture).

Note at the back reads: "More Work! Wriekhootes - 1915".

I cannot decipher the place-name...so this might be completely wrong.

It could thus also be: Driehooten?



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