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Would any of you on these forums who collect or know people who collect medals have any WW1 medals for 32352 A Willingham RGA or Lt A Willingham RGA.

He had a pip,squeak and wilfred and a MM as well i think according to photos of him. My great grandmother pawned the lot when he died in 1946 if you can believe it. Would be nice to know they are still around somewhere even if split up.

Many thanks in advance


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Guest Raindancer


You might like to try on the link below. It's a site where you can advertise (at a one of cost of £5) for anyones medals. It is a site used by medal collectors and enthusiasts or infact anyone who is trying to trace medals.

The site is operated by the Medal News magazine and that also includes a section where you can advertise for medals.


Hope this helps



PS I am currently trying to trace medals to my great uncle mentioned below on the site.

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