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14th Siege Battery RGA


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I'm trying to trace the movements of the 14thSB in Galipolli and later the Suez.

I know they arrived at Helles the end of April 1915 and left the following New Year to the Suez Canel. I think they joined the 4th HAG at Galipolli and 24th HA Brigade a little later but not sure.

Also what is the easiest way to trace the movements of a gunner with the 14thSB that served from 1914-19?



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Sorry Gary, but I am as much a novice as your good self

The ref which I gave above was from

the British official history, more properly called

‘Official History of the War, Military Operations, Gallipoli, vol 2’

Page 487 gives the Order of Battle for the Mediterranean Expeditionary Force, August 1915 where the 29th Div’s guns are listed as

‘XV Bde R.H.A. (B, L & Y Btys.).

XVII Bde. R.F.A. (10th, 97th & 368th Btys.).

460th (Howitzer) Bty. R.F.A.

90th Heavy Bty. R.G.A.

14th Siege Bty. R.G.A.’

This is their only ref in the two vols of the history

Captain Stair Gillon who in 1925 wrote ‘The Story of the 29th Division – A Record of Gallant Deeds’ records that the ‘14th Siege Battery R.G.A. (6-inch howitzers)’ were part of the 29th Division’s order of battle in March 1915 and that they sailed from Mudros for Cape Helles on 24th April and ‘awaited with breathless excitement the march of events in which their comrades of the 86th Brigade were to have the first say.’

He also refers to another(s) volume as the ‘short History of the 29th Divisional Artillery’

But offers no further clues – perhaps your local library can help

Sorry that I can offer nothing more

Best of luck with your researches

Michael D.R.

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Thanks Michael, every little helps.

I think they became part of 4th HAG at Helles and moved to the Suez Canal 31/12/16, and then at sometime before heading out in April were part of the 24th HA Brigade.

I'll have to start digging a bit.



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14 Siege Battery, armed with four 6" Howitzers, joined the 29th Divisional Artillery on 10 Mar 15. The battery, commanded by Major L. S. Bayley, embarked with the 29th DA at Avonmouth between 15-21 Mar 15 and reached Alexandria, after an uneventful voyage on 29 Mar to 2 Apr 15. The battery, along with 90th Heavy Battery, RGA did not accompany the 29th DA to Gallipoli on 26 Apr 15 but rather, one section of each of those two batteries landed at Cape Helles early on the morning of 30 Apr. The remainder of the battery had landed by 2 May 15.

The battery took part in the Achi Baba Attack of 6 May 15 as part of Group IV and was with the same group for the attack of 28 June when it expended 45 rounds of Common Shell and 371 rounds of H. E.

On 23 Aug 15 the artillery at Cape Helles was reorganized and the 14 Sg Bty was made part of the Howitzer Group.

On 18 Dec 15 the Howitzer Group was abolished and the units, including 14 Sg Bty, were transferred as the Howitzer Section to the Left Group of the 29th DA.

The battery was withdrawn and evacuated from Cape Helles on the nights of 31 Dec 15 (2 guns) and 1 Jan 15 (2 guns).

The Battery moved to Egypt in early Jan 16 and served with the Suez Canal Defences until 28 Mar 16 when it joined the 24th Heavy Artillery Brigade (HAB), RGA.

14 Sg Bty, RGA moved to the Western Front with 24th HAB on 8 Apr 16, arriving on 15 Apr 16. It transferred to 16th Heavy Artillery Group (HAG) on 9 May 16; to 36 HAG on 5 Jul 16; to 70 HAG on 8 Jan 17; to 6 HAG on 15 Apr 17; to 64th HAG on 14 May 17; and to 89 HAG on 6 Oct 17. On 20 Oct 17 it transferred to 79th HAG and remained with it until the end of the war.

If you give me the name of your man I will check to see if he was wounded or mentioned during the time that the battery served in the 29th DA.

Regards. Dick Flory

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Thanks Dick,

I knew I would get some info from you (you are the main man when it comes to artillery). I have a bit of the outline info but you have helped to fill a few gaps. I guess its now time to start digging on the HAGs time on the Western Front.

The man in question is my grandfather Frank Albert Palmer, Gunner 40801, 14thSB RGA (served 6/6/14 - 22/11/19).

He received the Silver War Badge and was discharged as no longer phisically fit for active service (392 xvi).

Good hunting


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Frank Albert Palmer is not listed as wounded or commended in the 29th Divisional Artillery War Record. Dick Flory

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Please can anyone give me any more information about the following soldier:

HARLAND, John, Gunner 132630, 14th Siege Bty., Royal Garrison Artillery, who died age 25 on 27 April 1918. He is buried in Morbecque British Cemetery.

The only information I have is what I found on the CWGC website and I was wondering if anyone had more information about the battle he might have been involved in.

I've been searching the internet to try and find out if there are any war diaries for his regiment, but so far have found nothing.

Many thanks

Kay :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

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