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Remembered Today:

RIC Photo from 13.09.05

Martyn L

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Last Tuesday I posted a photo of my grandfather on the forum. Thanks to all your help and a bit of digging around it seems the man in RIC uniform is in fact my great grandfather, George Lougheed. I don't have any further information about him, although I am hoping to check the NA next week.

I did however find more information on my grandfather's WWI service. Quite interesting so I have included it here. He served in the RE and he is recorded as W.G. Longhead (name spelt incorrectly). I traced his medal card on the NA site and it was listed as above but when I downloaded the card, he is recorded as W.G. Longheed (name spelt differently again). Not sure whether this is a clerical error or whether he used this name on purpose as I am sure he was under age.

Also found his brother's (John Charles Lougheed Royal Irish Rifles) medal card. He survived the War but we think he was killed in the troubles after WWI.

Just thought I would provide an update.



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Accepted - but with disbandment in 1922 - did he continue to serve in RUC?


This is a difficult question to ask but one which is pertinent to your family history enquiry. Was the family protestant or catholic? I ask this because their are a number of Lougheeds in the Co. Cavan/general area listed in the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland's 'Ulster Covenant' site which may/may not help you on your way.

Of course, if he was a catholic he would be most unlikely to be one of these!

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The UK Police Memorial Website for Ireland lists under year 1920 a John Longhead

Constable, RIC, County Clare (For reference only)

Sorry for the delay in responding.

My grandfather was Catholic.

The 76209 Longheed William G enlisted in RIC November 1920, would match his name recorded on his army records, will need to check futher. Just confused with the different names used.


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That knocks the Ulster Covenant names on the head then!

Best wishes


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Your grand uncle John Longhead (sic) is listed in the book 'Police Casualties in Ireland 1919-1922'. He did indeed die in the troubles, as you described it.

The entry is:

18 October 1920 Ruan RIC Barracks, Co. Clare.

John Longhead Con 65478

The RIC Barracks at Ruan, six miles from Ennis, Co. Clare, was attacked and captured by the IRA. Constable Longhead was killed whilst two others, Roddy and Farrelly, were wounded. Constables Carroll and Wilmott were reported as missing with no trace being found of Carroll from that date, though Constable Wilmott reappeared a short time later.

Constable Longhead, a thirty-six-year-old single man, was from Co. Sligo. He had ten years' police service, having been a farmer before joining the RIC.

The book is by Richard Abbott and was published by Mercier Press (an Irish company) a couple of years back.

If you wished to pursue the story further, I'd suggest you check the local newspaper in that area of Ireland - The Clare Champion - which should have further details. It will be available at the British Library Newspaper Section in Colindale. There were probably other papers circulating in the area at the time too - and some of the Irish national dailies - particularly those with a English-leaning - would also have carried reports more than likely.

Hope that's of some use

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Thanks for the update on John Longhead, very interesting. Not sure whether its the same person as my great uncle as the name is different. I will look into this further though.

Yesterday I checked the suggested possible RIC officers, 76209 Longheed William G enlisted in RIC November 1920 and 60161 William E Lougheed enlisted 1901 that the forum provided me with.

76209 which had the same name as my grandfathers WWI army records looks as though it is not him as the phsyical description (5ft 8)and place of origin (Donegal)does not match.

60161 which I thought may have been my great grandfather and the person in the photograph, I still need further information to confirm details. Seems 60161 was originally from Cork, and was a farmer.

All very interesting though, keep you posted!


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