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Last night as I was passing throught he living room I saw a programme on the box. it caught my eye in regard that I saw a woman and a man looking at a full dress uniform of an officer.

I thought here we go another woman selling her grandfathers medals and cloths for money to get a TV or CD player etc.

Then I stood still as the name I saw on the trunk she was emptying was Sandbach.

General Arthur Sandbach was an engineer officer of II Corps/Army before he took a brigade and division in France during the war. He was later relieved of command and sent home.

He was also a fellow student at the Staff College Camberley with Haig, Allenby, Capper, Forestier-Walker, Furse, Edmonds, MacDonogh, Haking, Dyer and others. As such he is an officer who I am trying to compile info on.

HOWEVER, in regard to the Lady Selling I need not of worried, she was displaying the uniform etc to show this chap, for he was her grandfather and she wants to get it out to display and put a picture above the fire place. The lady, and she really was, was the Marchioness of Linlithgow - Lady Auriol.

Now how to contact her? !!!

So the morals of the story is that firstly luck as Napoleon said is very important and secondly not everybody on tele is trying to sell their history to get a CD player!



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In regard to his degumming from his division in 1917 Dr John Bourne writes this on the Centre for first World War Studies site about the incident which makes me chuckle everytime I read it.

Arthur Sandbach ('Minimus')

Major-General Arthur Edward Sandbach (1859-1928) earned his nickname from his place in the family pecking order: he was the third and youngest son of Henry Robertson Sandbach of Hafodunos, Denbighshire. His unusual smartness as a Woolwich cadet also earned him the nickname ‘the Lordly Stag’. Sandbach was a sapper. He was Chief Engineer of Second Army (1915) before going home to be Inspector of Engineers. He commanded 59th Division on the Western Front very briefly in 1917 before being ‘degummed’. Shortly before he was fired, he ‘degummed’ one of his brigade commanders, E W S K Maconchy. Shortly before Maconchy was fired, he ‘degummed’ one of his battalion commanders, Lieutenant-Colonel F. Rayner (8th Sherwoods). All three went home together on the same boat!

J.M. Bourne

Simon Robbins



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Arm - you've probably got it, but his "Who's Who" entry covers about 2 inches (no false modesty), plus an entry in the DSO bible. If you want, PM me and I'll send it. Steve

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