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Died 1945 of WW1 gas effects


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A lady read to me today the report of the coroner on her grandfather`s death from bronchitis in 1945. He related it directly to the effects of being gassed at Arras, 1917. The man has a 1914 star trio with clasp. Does he qualify for a death plaque? Phil B

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Hi Phil,

I can't help you with your question about plaque eligibility (but we have the experts on the forum who can), but if he was a Canadian he certainly would have qualified for the Memorial Cross. It was given to the widows/mothers of those who died both in action or as a result of wartime service, so that explains why so many crosses turn up on ebay or speedbid without a corresponding name on the CWGC site.

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Hello Phil,

Plaques were issued to commemorate those who died between 4 August 1914 and 10 January 1920, for Home Establishments, Western Europe and the Dominions. The final date for other theatres of war (including Russia) or for those who died subsequently from attributable causes was 30 April 1920.

Para. II of Memorial Plaque and Scroll: Regulations Regarding Issue.

The above reference is from issue 29 of The Medal.



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