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RFA MIC Unit and Driver responsibilities

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Can anyone help answer the following found on an MIC.

Driver Robert James Berry, 68158 RFA has the 1B Reserve Brigade entered on his MIC. As this was a Home Artillery Brigade at Forest Row, Sussex, why would his Brigade that he served with aboard not be mentioned on the MIC ?

As I understand the MIC should mention the last Bn / Batt that the individual served with abroad.

I guess he must have been part of another Brigade that saw service abroad due to the issue of medals and then transferred to the 1B Reserve Brigade.

Were the 1B Reserve Brigade made up of any certain Batterys that were sent home from war or built up from wounded repatriated soldiers ?

Also can you tell me what the responsibilities of an RFA Driver would have been. Was a Driver someone who drove on of the Battery wagon's full of equipment or of the horse's that pulled the guns?

I undertstand that Robert was a Farrier of Shoe Smith by trade.

Many thanks,


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MIC dont always list (the last) battalion served with - if only they did

I thought the driver was in charge of the horses..any one else know ?


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RFA reserve brigades were training units and also served as "holding" units for men invalided home. The seem to be listed on MICs quite regularly. The reserve brigade will be no assistance in determing his battery or brigade. Driver's normally tended to the horses that pulled both the guns and wagons and were usually located at the horse lines, somewhat to the rear of the guns, although the often were required to bring ammo or supplies to the guns and helped serve the guns when there were casualties to the gunners. Farriers and Shoe Smiths were appointments and of course they would have carried out their trade at the horse lines. Dick Flory

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Thanks for the info Dick.

I have found out why many of these reserve brigades are mentioned in the MIC's. If like the man I am tracking, they were invalided out of the services and awarded the Silver War badge, this is what is solely recorded on the MIC. There is no ref's to medals awarded, except for a SWB ref at the bottom of the MIC.

Hence the last brigade being mentioned as 1B Reserve Brigade, rather than just the normal RFA.

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Alan: That would be the case for those who never went overseas but who received the SWB as their only award, but I have seen cases where the man has gone overseas and earned WWI medals and his unit is also listed as a reserve brigade on the MIC. Dick Flory

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