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Battalion, Regiment, Division.


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Can anyone explain to me the pecking order and numbers involved with Battalion, Division, Regiment.

I am readfing a book and it may give a quote as

"The 21st Division suffered 4,256 casualties. Not being sure as to how many personnell are in a Division I can not put a percentage figure to these numbers.

I presume that when you join you join a regiment it then becomes part of a , Battalion, Probably wrong. Hence the post

I know some one will help with this query, So thanks in anticipation.



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Hi Paul

Each Regiment are made up of Battalions, some Regiments had upto 25 battalions others only 13 or so. Battalions that went over seas were placed in a Bridage which at the start of the war numbered 4 battalions, later only three battalions. Three Brigades then made up a Division. A full strength battalion number about 1,100 or so but by 1918 most battalions could only number 500-600. If you worked on a full strength of about 1,100 times that by 12 full strength battalions per Division (pre 1918) plus each Bridage would have had one pioneer battalion, then you are looking at a full strength of a Divsion being about 16,500 and then there are troops like Division transport which I have not counted.


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