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Hi everybody,

I posted this before in a different section.

When I was a student at University Of Wales, Aberystwyth, I was an extra in the Monocled Mutineer (Paul McGann worked with me. 1985?) which further stimulated my WWI interest. It was great to be involved over a number of weeks and though it was obviously not the real thing, there were hundreds of us there and it gave us a glimpse into what some things may have been like.

Unlike the real thing, it was great fun. The BBC fed us well and we spent a lot of time lying in the sun on the sand dunes. I remember a lot of the lads pigging out at lunchtime only to be told that they had to complete an assault course directly afterwards. Resulting vomiting ensured a realistic effect for the TV. There was also a degree of panic when the producer found out that the lads had completed the course with real bayonets fixed instead of the rubber dummies.

I was wondering if there is anybody else registered here who also took part.



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i think some of our orignal member of the great war society. i know there is alot of the kit hanging around which can still be picked up.

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