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pipe major wilson ASH

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<_< On a recent visit to Stirling Castle I noticed a portrait in the Argyll & Sutherland Museum simply titled "Pipe major Wilson". My maternal grandfather was named Wilson (as am I) and my mother told me since I was very young that I had ancestor who was a pipe major in a "famous Scottish regiment".

Does anybody know anything about this man?

Thanks. ^_^

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There was a Pipe Major J Wilson in the 8th {Argyllshire} Battalion TF, A&SH in the First War. I do not know his number, but I can tell you that he recieved a Certificate from the Divisional Commander for Gallant Conduct in May 1916.

''On the 8th April 1916, a German raiding party of considerable strength entered our trenches in the Labyrinth after the explosion of several mines which inflicted heavy casualties. Pipe Major Wilson at once organised a counter attack and drove out the enemy.''

This information came from a book called The Pipes Of War, by Seton and Grant.

I will check to see if I can find any other P/M's called Wilson, in other Highland Regiments.

Hope this was of some help.



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