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6th Field Squadron Royal Engineers


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Can any RE expert tell me a bit about the 6th Field Squadron, RE?

I believe it was formed for the Yeomanry Mounted Division in June 1917, but I rather lose track of it once the Division is effectively converted to an Indian Division in 1918. Did it remain?

I believe it remained in the Middle East, as soldiers from the unit died in Egypt in late 1918 - or am I getting it confused with an Indian unit of a similar title?

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6th Fld Sqdn,R.E. was formed at El Maraqeb between the the 1st and 22nd Feb 1917 and as mentioned serving with the Yeomanry Mounted Division.

On the 24/4/1918 it became part of the 1st Mounted Division, which was formed from the Yeomanry Mounted Division. The 1st Mounted Division was renamed 4th Cavalry Division on 22/7/1918 and on 4/9/1918 6th Fld Sqdn,R.E. was renamed 4th Fld Sqdn,R.E.


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