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Lt A Willingham Royal Garrison Artillery


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I have been researching my Great grandad`s war service after finding several photos of him at my Grandads house. I have his medal card and have been informed that due to his service in WW2 some of his records i will have to apply for or wait until they are released.

My Problem is in identifying a medal in this photo, it looks to me like a MM, which is possible as he was a gunner and only recieved his commission in 1917, however he is not in the london gazette. Would a service man of that time have been allowed to just wear something like that without anyone mentioning it if they were not entitled?. Also to be fair to the old chap from speaking to people who knew him he does not seem to be the sort of person who would do that.

I have also posted a picture of him in his WW2 Observer Corp unit although the picture is not great he is wearing a full set of ribbons. He is centre row , far left. Many thanks in advance for any help or advice I am at a bit of a dead end now.



Many thanks Mike.

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It does look like the MM[& 1914 Star]

The only other medal that it could possibly be if not;by the Stripes; is an Africa General Service Medal,1902~56;for Somaliland in the late 1910s or for one of the WW1 period Campaigns[though unlikely]

I would be inclined to draw his Medal index Card & check there are no other Cards relating to Him,as an MM should have an Index Card of its own & try searching the LG for him by expanding the horizon[use Surname only for a start~A quick search using "Willingham" & the dates April 1st 1916~December 31st 197 Gives 121 Hits,so hopefully he is one of those?]

No Soldier would have worn a Ribbon to which he was not entitled,as it would have been a very serious offence,even Civilians found wearing Medals & Decorations they were not entitled to,or purporting to have won them could be & were imprisoned

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Yes that is an MM and a 14-15 Star and 2 wound stripes by the look of it.



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